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Mary Beth


Mary Beth has been a hygienist since 2005. She graduated from Middle Georgia Technical College and has been part of our team since August 2011. She has been married to her husband, Neal, since 2003. Mary Beth absolutely loves everything Disney and enjoys helping others when planning a trip.  They have three Yorkshire terriers named after Disney characters: Mushu, Belle, and Minnie. At the age of 22 she became a big sister again to William. William refers to her as his "Friday Mom" because she picks him up every weekend and he spends the night with her.



Melissa started working with us in June of 2014 and graduated from her Dental Assisting program at Middle Georgia Dental Assisting in July of 2014.  She loves to spend her free time with friends and family shopping, cooking, or hanging out by the pool.



Jennifer graduated in 2006 with a certificate in Dental Assisting.  She spent much of her time working with children while in college.  Following her passion, she became a part of the PAAD team in 2007. She started out as a dental assistant and now is our treatment coordinator.  She is a proud mother to Mya and wife to Tony.  Jennifer spends most of her weekend running and playing with her rambunctious toddler and Roxy, her German Sheppard/Husky mix dog.



Teresa graduated from Middle Georgia Technical College in December 2008. She started her dental assisting career here in January 2009 and has loved it ever since. She got married in April 2013 to Marco, at a beautiful outdoor venue. They celebrated the birth of their daughter, Westyn, in June 2016.  Teresa does an awesome job at talking children through dental procedures and answering all their questions. And they do have a lot! She brings a friendly and young perspective that we all love to our team. Teresa is unique in that she does everything in "fast mode". She stays three steps ahead. "Fastbot" is the name Dr. Gilbert has given this speedy little helper.



Dulce has been a part of our team since March 2008. She has been a dental assistant since 2001. She is from Cuba and speaks Spanish as her primary language. Dulce has a special way of making all of our Hispanic patients feel at ease for their dental appointments. She is a mother of three beautiful children, Elizabeth, Alex, and Marcelo. Her husband, David, is a handy-man and is always helping us around the office. When she isn't working, she enjoys spending time with her family and taking trips.



Christy graduated from Central Georgia Technical College in 2010 and joined our team as a hygienist in March 2016.  Originally from California, it is safe to say she is a Georgian now since her children were born in this state and she has established her life here.  Christy is fluent in Spanish and often helps our patient’s parents communicate better regarding any treatment needed.  She enjoys doing crafts, cooking, and spending time with her loved ones.



Tien was born in Vietnam and immigrated to the United States in 2011. Since then, Tien began working on her education and earned a degree in Dental Assisting at Central Georgia Technical College in July 2017. One month after graduation, she accepted a position here at Pediatric and Adolescent Dentistry. Every day at the office, Tien feels she gets the opportunity to work around adorable children alongside an amazing dental care team. Tien looks forward to helping every child achieve the brightest and healthiest smile of their life.



Kerry has been a hygienist since 2005. She graduated from Middle Georgia Technical College. She started in the practice as Dr. Gilbert's first hygienist. She works wonders with the little ones and you can pick her laugh out of a crowded room. She is an asset to have on our pediatric team. Kerry is a mom to three beautiful children. A unique fact about Kerry is that she can hear and remember just about anything, so much so, Dr. Gilbert has named her "Nosy Rosey".